Payment Methods

We accept the following payment methods:

1. Online credit card payment methods:
Accept online payment by credit card(MasterCard,VISA, JBC).

    You can make payment online. This is the fastest and most convenient payment method, and the payment can reach the recipient in an instant.  

    However, the banks have very strict risk control over credit card payments. Credit card payments from some countries and certain accounts are considered "high-risk transactions" and are not accepted. Then please change a credit card and try again. Or please check it with your credit card bank. If all failed, please choose one of our other payment methods.
    Note: Paypal does not accept transactions for virtual products. Therefore, you cannot pay by Paypal. Sorry.

2. Offline payment methods:

   Accept offline payment by Western Union, T/T, bank transfer. Please place order on our website, it will lead you to choose a payment way suitable for you.
   For offline payment methods, you cannot make payment on our website directly. You need to go to your bank or agent office to send money. When paid, please send the photo of the bank slip to us for checking or picking up the money. When received the money, we will send the products to you soon. 

3. Local account online payment methods:
     Accept local account online payment by local electronic wallet, online bank transfer, etc. Typical payment methods are: eNETs, POLI, MOLPay, QIWI, etc. These payment methods are local payment methods in each country, and can only be paid in the country where the customer is located or the customer with the corresponding account number. Please select the appropriate payment method according to the account you hold.
4. Offline payment in RMB (CNY):
   Accept payment in RMB(CNY) by Alipay, Wechat or bank transfer. Before paying, please contact us for the seller's bank account information. 

How to switch or change a payment method for your order?
If your currently selected payment method cannot successfully pay for your order, you can switch or change to another payment method to pay.

1. If you are placing an order and paying, you can go back to the previous steps if possible and choose another payment method before paying.

2. You can also EDIT your order to switch / change payment method.
After signing in (logging in), you will find your member account name (your email address) in the upper right corner of the website page. Click your account and go into "My orders", you can check all your order records and each order status. You can also EDIT your order to switch / change payment method,then go to pay.