Good news: Our credit card payment method comes back now. We can accept payment by MasterCard,JCB and VISA card now.  Welcome your order soon.
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Tinda Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Limited
Addr: Shenzhen 518104, China

Business hours:
8:30-23:00 (China time)
0:30-15:00 (London time)
Open 365 days in the whole year

Key contact persion:
  Mr Vido Niu
  Skype: vido518  or 

   Mobile: + 86 13509641756


In China, Whatsapp and some links are blocked, we cann't login Whatsapp. So plz contact us by email or by Skype.

Our TDE-MAL supports buying both on PC and mobile devices.

Buying on mobile phone:

1. On mobile internet, just input our website "", you can visit our TDE-MALL mobile store and place order online. 

2. Scan the following QR code by mobile phone to visit our mobile store and place order online.