About Us
 TDE-Mall is an online shopping mall. Because many online stores don’t allow to sell the virtual products such as IPTV apk/app subscription, which have not physical shipment, no tracking number, then the orders will be token as bogus transactions, so we set up our own online mall to meet customers’ needs. 

 is our trademark, specially for brand IPTV box and apk/app. Welcome to visit www.qnethd.com  for details.
      Our product range:
      *   Channel built-in IPTV  box;
      *   IPTV APK/APP;
      *   OTT IPTV  box;
      *   DVB-S2 box with IKS/SKS/CA;
      *   OTT DVB box

Program is King. Our IPTV and DVB products can support many hot live TV channels in the world.  
Stability is of overriding importance. Most of the channels are supported by dedicated server, so the channels are very stable, smooth and high quality.   
Service is the core value. We are always here to support you. 
Welcome to cooperate with us. Welcome distributors and resellers.