Notice: Recently, some credit card banks have very strict risk control over payment transactions, which has led to restrictions on credit card payments in many countries. If you fail to pay by credit card in this mall (, please go to our another mall and try to pay by credit card. If both fail, plz change a credit card to try, OR plz pay by our other payment ways such as Western Union, bank transfer,etc. 
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Addr: Rm.322, 3/F, Shuiyuanju, Bao'an Avenue, Shajing, Bao'an District, Shenzhen 518104, China

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 Mr Vido Niu
  Skype: vido518  or 
   Mobile: + 86 13509641756


In China, Whatsapp and some links are blocked, so we cann't login Whatsapp unless there is VPN nearby. So plz contact us by email or by Skype.

Our TDE-MAL supports buying both on PC and mobile devices.

Buying on mobile phone:

1. On mobile internet, just input our website "", you can visit our TDE-MALL mobile store and place order online. 

2. Scan the following QR code by mobile phone to visit our mobile store and place order online.