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1 year MarsTV, Indian/ Pakistan/ Bangladesh/ World IPTV+VOD APK
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MarsTV, Indian/Pakistan/Bangladesh/ World


(Upgraded version of QNetTV)

(290+ channels + VOD)

1 Year Subscription

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Difference between MarsTV&BollyGold and QnetTV&BollyTube:

1. MarsTV&BollyGold apk package is a upgraded version of QNetTV&BollyTube, so they support the same channels and movies. It is an another apk package, cannot update from QNetTV&BollyTube apk package.

2. MarsTV&BollyGold apks lock on the WiFi MAC of the device but QNetTV&BollyTube apks lock on LAN (Ethernet) MAC. Usuallay the WiFi MAC of the device is fixed but the LAN MAC of many devices is dynamic, changing. So MarsTV&BollyGold apks are much easier to lock on the device than QNetTV&BollyTube.

3. MarsTV&BollyGold apks can use on Android box, mobile, tablet PC and Smart TV but QNetTV&BollyTube can only use on Android box.

4. The menu and channel list style is different between MarsTV&BollyGold and QNet&BollyTube apk.

How to transfer the user account from QNetTV to MarsTV:

1. The user account can use on either MarsTV or QNetTV apk BUT cannot use it on the both at the same time.

2. For the ready subscribers of QNetTV, please don’t transfer the subscription to MarsTV. If you insist on transfer the subscription to MarsTV, please tell us your user account (Account & password), we will unlock/unbinding the account from QNet apk. Then please activate it on MarsTV apk but DON’T activate it on QNetTV again.



1. Support ONLY yearly (12 month) subscription.

2. Support 3-day free trial. Each device can try free test ONLY ONCE. Later, please buy the yearly subscription.

MarsTV Channel Package:

1. Indian hot prepaid-TV channels

2. World hot prepaid-TV channels

3. Kids hot prepaid-TV channels

4. Punjabi hot prepaid-TV channels

5. Religion hot prepaid-TV channels

6. Pakistan hot prepaid-TV channels

7. Bangladesh hot prepaid-TV channels

BollyGold VOD Movies:

1. New

2.Ind Drama

3. Pak Drama


5. Hindi


7. English


9. Tamil

10. Telugu

11. Malayalam

12. Kannada

13. Bengali


15. Misc

16. Old

Devices Supported:

1. Android IPTV box

2. Android mobile phone

3. Android tablet PC

4. Android smart TV

5. ……

Key Features:

1. Support Android 4.0 or later version.

2. Plug & Play. No need dish antenna. Workable at anywhere and anytime in the world as long as there is internet.

3. Live TV channel resolution: 720p-1080p

4. New channels are updated online automatically.

5. Channel switch time: 3-5 sec

6. Internet speed/bandwidth required:

SD channel: ≥ 2Mbit,

HD channel: ≥ 4Mbit

Channel List:

Please download it on http://www.qnethd.com/en/down_list.asp .

Sample Pictures:

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